Communication Partners


Do you interact with someone who has a complex communication need? Are you frustrated by not being able to communicate smoothly with this person? Do you feel that your interaction is just a series of questions and answers rather than a conversation?

Chances are that the person you are supporting shares your feelings of communication frustration. Only too often training courses for communication partners deal with one specific product or tool and leave you wondering about the big picture and how you develop their communication partner skills.

Now you can learn - step by step - how to be a better communication partner for someone with complex communication needs

I am developing a series of courses that will all be online by the end of this year. Course 1 is available by following the link.

The courses will articulate together so that you improve your knowledge and skills at your own pace, with some great learning materials. The learning materials include an audio-visual presentation plus activities, worksheets and visual aids in plain English to suit anyone. There is also a 38 page handout geared for the academically minded person who wants to see and maybe follow up on any of the referenced articles…and there’s over 100 references.

Finally, there are PDFs for you to download and in some courses, there are activity sheets and low tech displays that have proved effective and popular with clients and their communication partners.

In the training process I hope to have some webinars and coaching platforms where we can discuss together course content. So please, simply follow the link

then relax…a self-paced option is now available.

I look forward to seeing you.