Fees & Resources

Options CTC offers services that are claimable against most funding bodies including the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). For more information contact jane on [email protected]

Quick links: Some useful links for further information about strategies used by Options are as follows:

PROMPT http://www.promptinstitute.com,

Cued articulation www.soundsforliteracy.com.au/cued-articulation,

Social Stories www.carolgraysocialstories.com/social-stories

Supported pointing   http://soe.syr.edu/centers_institutes/institute_communication_inclusion.

Key Word Signing http://www.scopeaust.org.au/key-word-sign-australia/

Assistive Technology http://www.lifetec.org.au

Literacy www.janefarrall.com

Music Therapy www.austmta.org.au and www.nmtsb.com

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