Fees & Resources

Options is a registered provider with the NDIS in Helping Children with Autism, and Better Start programs of the Australian Government. Please remember that some services such as reports, travel and attendance at meetings may not be covered by health funding. For more information including the schedule of fees please contact Jane at remingtongurney@bigpond.com.

Quick links: Some useful links for further information about strategies used by Options are as follows:

PROMPT http://www.promptinstitute.com,

Cued articulation www.soundsforliteracy.com.au/cued-articulation,

Social Stories www.carolgraysocialstories.com/social-stories

Supported pointing   http://soe.syr.edu/centers_institutes/institute_communication_inclusion.

Key Word Signing http://www.scopeaust.org.au/key-word-sign-australia/

Assistive Technology http://www.lifetec.org.au

Literacy www.janefarrall.com

Music Therapy www.austmta.org.au and www.nmtsb.com

References for Webinar (Sept 03, 2018) Download