Meet Dr. Jane Remington-Gurney

Jane is a certified and practicing speech language pathologist with over thirty years experience. She has also completed Train the Trainer courses in Assessment and Training. Her passion is to develop communication programs that are effective, fun and evidence based. This most often means that communication programs are multimodal, interdisciplinary and involve communication partner training. Jane Remington-Gurney has also completed a PhD that investigated the strategies used in interactions with people who has Down syndrome, Rett syndrome or Cerebral palsy.

Jane Remington-Gurney

‘It is a privilege to work with people in their own home to assist them interact in as many ways as they can e.g. writing, speaking, drawing. It is also very rewarding when people go on to establish their own web sites, blogs and newsletters to share information about communication’

Supported Conversation Specialist

Some communication partners are much more than just partners. They have acquired over the years, the knowledge and skill and insight to be communication assistants or coaches. It is incredibly rewarding when these people watch and take away information from a therapy session and compile for their support team essential snippets of information. Alternatively when they use the Ipad or computer to practice specific strategies and techniques at home or share AAC information.