Online Training Package

Did you know that there is now an online training package to help support workers and family members be even better communication partners?

A communication partner is anyone who supports a person who has a communication impairment. Communication partners play an invaluable role and have been shown through research studies to be instrumental in helping people achieve great language, learning and communication outcomes. Sadly, not everyone with a communication impairment gets great communication partners. So, Options Online have produced a training package of five courses that cover everything from using gesture, signing and visual language displays to strategies and styles of interaction and ultimately – conversation. The training packages are exceptional value and are packed with resources, evidence-based information, videos, and audio-visual material that participants can keep.

In 2023 the new stewards for my training package will be Agosci so for more information and a chance to see how to purchase you can click on their website and go to Online Modules. It’s also a wonderful organisation to join!


Please don’t take communication or

communication partners for granted.

Anyone can have a communication impairment.

at any time in their life.