Tips for Social AAC

Seize the Moment to be Social

by Jane Remington-Gurney

Seize the moment because the moment can be a golden opportunity to grow language and self esteem and even relationships. This means that you need to open your eyes to the interaction that might be possible and the script that might evolve using multimodal communication. Most importantly try to initiate sometimes rather than always, because your style should not be interrogative. Your style may involve another entity such as a communication device, so use an open question, wait, and be prepared to scaffold and give feedback – this is a great opportunity to model! Modelling and using communication styles and strategies is always easier if you have learned and are practicing the communication strategies you need.


S eize the moment.

O pen your eyes to the possibilities

C ommunicate multimodally.

I nitiate sometimes.

A sk open questions, wait then scaffold and give feedback.

L earn and practice the vocabulary needed.


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